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Activities for 18-24 month olds

I often get messages asking for activity ideas for younger toddlers as Lea is almost 4 ⭐️
When Lea was 13 months old, I resigned from my job as a high school teacher with the intention of being at home together & spending quality time with each other ❤️ it was the best decision I ever made.
We filled our days with walks in our complex, always accompanied by Lea’s Dolls and her pram & we went on outings to places like Tembali Play Park, The Bird Gardens at Montecasino and The Glen Party Farmyard.
Lea loves to dress up and we spent many days changing outfits 4-5 times so that she could be a bride, doctor, teacher or mommy.
We painted, we made things out of play dough, we washed cars, made a sandpit box that Lea loved to climb into. We made obstacle courses out of pillows inside and we baked and BAKED 😂
We learnt about the ocean and made an ocean in a bottle with oil and water, we painted whales and made a sensory tub with water and ocean animals 🐠
We learnt about the farm animals and wild animals using foam stickers. Lea loved to be the teacher (must be genetic) and I would always let her lead us through the activity.
I loved to make “stations” for her where she could spend as much time as she liked at each activity 💗 I would put 3 tubs out at time: for example, a sandpit, a tub of water with sponges and a sensory tub for farm animals. She would then be very busy in her own world while I drank hot coffee 😊
I learnt so much as a mom and even as a teacher during this time. Often how I thought an activity would go, would be very different to how Lea would approach it and then spend time in it. She needed little instruction and if I did give my interpretation, I noticed how it deterred her from her own path and wanting to please me instead.
We made different types of bird feeders from egg cartons and empty toilet rolls. We muddled up puzzle pieces and Lea did 3 puzzles at once. She washed her balance bike on her own. We decorated cupcakes and Marie biscuits.
And of course we spent lots of time with Lea’s Granny & Grandpa ❤️ We attended Kids Gym and Music for Minis. And our favourite, Mothers & Miracles with Teacher Candice 💗
I learnt over this time how a simple activity can be adapted and extended. Often we try to think of mighty activities that take too much time to set up or we have to spend a fortune on, and then the activity is not enjoyed or destroyed in minutes 😊 I always remind myself of the joys of a cardboard box ❤️
I also learnt the importance of unstructured play ⭐️ Unstructured play allows children the freedom to explore, create and discover without any guidance. It boosts cognitive, physical, social & emotional development.
This time from April 2018 - December 2019 will always be so precious to me ❤️