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Mommy, are monsters real?

“Mommy, are monsters real?”
This is a question Lea has asked me many times in the last couple of weeks. I have reassured her each time that monsters are not real and that she is safe. It was usually at night that she would ask but last week I noticed she asked me to go with her to her room because she was scared of monsters and it was the middle of the day 💗
As our children’s brains develop and they become more aware of their world around them, it is normal for them to have fears. Common childhood fears include the dark, dogs or other big animals, separation anxiety, insects, heights, going to the doctor, unfamiliar or loud noises and imaginary monsters.
At 4 years old, Lea’s ability to imagine & pretend is strong. Her brain is still developing the ability to understand what is real in her imaginary world & what is pretend.
It is so important that we as parents acknowledge their fear & help them manage it. To our children, we are their safety net.
I asked Lea if we were to design & make her very own friendly monster who could be in bed with her or in the room with her, would that make her feel better. She loved the idea & we first drew the monster on paper & Lea told me which colours should go where.
Once I had sewn her friendly monster, she was so excited. She has not asked me in the last week if monsters are real & the fear seems to be less of a threat to her 💗
I have overheard her reassuring her dolls that monsters are not real & that she is there to keep them safe. This shows that her brain is working through this fear in its own way 💗
Other ways to help manage fears include: comfort & love, ensuring what they watch on TV is age-appropriate & allowing them the space to talk through their fear & depending on the fear, finding small ways for them to face their fear with you at their side 💗
We have yet to name our new friend, any suggestions? 😊