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eeBoo I Heard Your Feelings Hardbox Flashcards

eeBoo I Heard Your Feelings Hardbox Flashcards

Fun Learning with Lea
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Age: 5 yrs+

Each flashcard features an everyday scenario such as; being picked for a team or accidentally breaking a vase.

Questions on the back of each card invite parents and children to discuss what is happening and how the characters are feeling in each scene.

By looking at the character’s faces and reflecting on a child’s own experiences, these cards guide children to recognize emotional dynamics in a variety of situations.

Product Benefits: - Helps develop empathy and analytical skills, while examining friendly illustrations depicting emotional dynamics in a variety of situations. 

Conversation Cards cultivate valuable communication skills and help build an essential foundation for Social and Emotional Learning

Set includes: 48 Flash Cards
Item size: (L) 11.43 x (H) 15.24 cm